6 thoughts on “Activate your alliteration addiction

    • W: Your challenge: eat a whole meal where all the ingredients – including herbs or spices – start with the same letter. Then come back and report.

  1. I’m thinking potato and pumpkin with pakchoy (which works if you use an older transcription) and paprika. Prawns would work too, but they’d be too fiddly. Ooh, and pork!

    Same letter or same phoneme? If it’s letter, then I can have carrot and celery, but if it’s phoneme, I can have celery and sumac (which I doubt are a good combination).

  2. I ended up with pan-fried pork and pureed Pink Ladies (apples) with pork and potatoes. They didn’t have any pakchoy or plums, and pumpkins wouldn’t match.

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