Pick a Name

Looking back at the “place your bets” entry where readers guessed Mini-Me’s gender, there were two votes for “boy”, several votes for “indeterminate/neither/cthulhu” and one vote for “girl”.

Which says a great deal about my readers.

It also means there is a clear winner.

STEFFI, you may collect your prize of Personal Satisfaction from the downtown office at your earliest convenience. Congratulations.


In the meantime, I need a name. No you mad fools – not a REAL name! CJ and I will work that one out ourselves. But since our daughter will one day be a hot 16-year old, we won’t ever be using her real name online.

So what I need is a name that says “daughter” to the casual reader. Sort of like “Junior” instantly tells you that a man is so-and-so’s son.

Or just a handy name to use online. Throw your suggestions in the hat!

16 thoughts on “Pick a Name

    • W: I can’t help gravitating instantly to “Cthulette” for so many obvious reasons. . . but “Louisette” is actually brilliant for saying exactly who she is without needing to explain anything.

    • Ann: It really says it all (without needing the slightest explanation), at least for the first few years of life.

      • There’s something so earthy about it…….. But like so many others, is sure to result in open revolt at some point.
        My two nicknames as a child were Tuppence – apparently all I was worth (courtesy of my Pop) and Drongo (courtesy of Dad) – saved for the obvious ‘what were you thinking when you did that?’ moments……

  1. I wound up using my children’s star signs; they’re neutral enough, and broad enough (i.e., if you Google “Libra” you’re unlikely to come up with posts about my child), to serve. As a bonus, the kids seem to be pretty typical for their signs, too, so the monikers seem reasonably appropriate.

    You could always try the baby name genie!

    • Jaqbuncad: Should be easy to remember, though I suspect she’ll hold on until the last minute, and get born in February.

      Right now I’m leaning towards Louisette.

  2. C.J’s nickname (still used by his dad … I tend to call him ‘Darl’ ) is Poss… this made me think of ‘Possum Magic’ written by Mem Fox.
    Mem Fox also wrote ‘Koala Lou’ and the famous line in the book is ‘Koala Lou, I do love you’. So my vote goes to Koala Lou (nice relation to Louise) and we WILL love her. Very long winded but there you are 🙂

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