S#67: Make someone’s day

Yet another friend had a birthday on the weekend, and a bunch of us went out to dinner. I managed to manipulate events to get almost all of them to come back to my house bearing ice cream, chocolate, and assorted candy. We made our own fantastic creations with (among other things) mint chocolate sprinkles, maltesers, honey nougat chocolate, mini M&Ms, flake bars, and so on. It amused me how pathetically grateful the birthday boy was, considering I’d been scheming for hours for some way to make dinner segue into a house party.

People eating:

(If you look closely, you can see: Someone dangling from an anchor; a camel; one extra set of hands; two clocks; just one person who actually noticed the camera.)

And this is what I ate (you can tell I’m a little stressed about two upcoming writing conferences – the ice cream is the healthy part):

Coming soon: Some stuff, probably. Not really sure what, to be perfectly honest. More flickr.com pictures, in any case:

Incidentally, if you’re wondering what the “S” stands for in the title, it’s Steff Metal – http://steffmetal.com/101-ways-to-cheer-yourself-up/

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