#123: Yum Cha

This is another idea from the sweetness that is http://the-creamy-middles.blogspot.com.

I moved the article here, for money 🙂

Play along at home: Go to yum cha (I went to Ginseng in the Hellenic Club) but remember it’s usually a lunch thing, and not happening all the time. Alternatively, you can make your own by buying the dumpling wrappers at an Asian grocer and filling them with whatever seems good to you (I recommend a mix of pork and chicken mince, with soy sauce). Then steam or fry them, and eat!

I haven’t forgotten Secret # 6, don’t worry.

Also coming soon – a guest post from Emmy Lennevald.

So. . . that reverse burglary thing. . . here’s another, better clue:

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