#129: Fish and Chips

So once again I didn’t achieve the planned awesomeness due to illness (it should get better from here on in, though, and I WILL finish a full seven New Things these holidays). Instead I dragged myself to a nearby fish and chip shop and ate sweeeeeeet delicious lard.


Play along at home: Eat something you shouldn’t*.

Tomorrow: Cafe gallery at North Lyneham (not Tillies, the other one).

*Keep it non-toxic, kids!

In the meantime: You’re familiar with my cat Ana, who spends her days (1) overturning my rubbish bin (2) falling off things, and (3) posing for photos. This is the other one, who spends her days glaring from the top of the cupboard, and meowring in annoyance if you dare to open the cupboard door. Every so often she feels like taking a little sun. Her name is Indah, and she is twelve years old. She is absolutely awake in these photos (deciding on a dignified indifference rather than her usual paparazzi-fighting technique of running away).

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