7 thoughts on “S#63/2: The National Carillon

  1. There’s a carillon in the clock tower of Cornell University, where I currently attend school. It has three concerts every day (not sure about Christmas, but certainly every other day ;-)). The sound of the carillon gets old after a while, I assure you!

      • Yup, you can go up into the tower and watch as they play the concerts (not that I’ve ever done this however). Earplugs recommended. Those things are LOUD!

  2. Haha! I know Astrid (but I can’t quite remember where from…).

    I think the Carillion might be the secret escape pod like in Men In Black. Its position in the lake implies that there’s more underneath. Maybe it’s something to do with Torchwood Canberra. I’ll have to ask them.

    • I found out yesterday that Canberra has a fault line that runs directly under new Parliament House. (Which is why there’s that pretty rock strata on State Circle.)

      Ah, Torchwood. . . you have a lot to answer for.


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