Daylight Day 69: Driving Miss Deadly

“We’re thirsty,” said the newsreader. “We’re coming to find you, and we’ll drink to your health with your own sweet delicious blood!”


The entire Western world becomes much more stressed in December, and it shows most dangerously on our roads.

Yesterday I saw:

3 cars drive over traffic islands.

3 people nearly killed (several pipes fell off a plumber’s van only a few cars ahead of three motorcyclists – in a 100 kph zone). Luckily no-one was hurt.

Uncountable numbers speeding and/or tailgating.

1 person beeping at me for slowing down in roadworks.

3 dead kangaroos

2 other dead animals (one of which was a family pet)

Any fun near-death stories to share where you are?

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