Companion to Day Forty-Seven: Children

‘We’re under attack!’ Sol yelled.

I ran to save the kids, but by the time I reached them our attackers had fled – bleeding and afraid.


Night fell over two rows of fighters – the guards standing between us and their island, and our own vicious pack lined up on our port side.


Children are scary.

I was babysitting earlier this year, picking kids up from their school once a week and staying a few hours until their mum finished work.

On one occasion, the ride home was. . . unusual. They refused to sit in front, but instead spent the ride home in the back seat, discussing how to kill me. In the end they agreed on a kamikaze attack.

They were both under ten years old – and vegetarians.

In other disturbing news, my horror story “Wave Goodbye” has been podcast here

WARNING: it is HORROR, so not everyone will like it. Because it’s not written for children or young adults (except ones that like horror), I used my other pen-name, Felicity Bloomfield.

Got a disturbing tale to tell about a child near you? Please do!

They're ALWAYS ready to attack. . .

They're ALWAYS ready to attack. . .

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