Companion to Day Four: Videos

There’s not much to discuss about today’s tweet except to sigh and say, “Young love. . .”

Speaking of the young, hello to the kids I met today! Jordan, Sam, Britney, Alexandro (selamat malam!), Thomas and Hazel.

Look for “Pirate Flashmob Canberra” on YouTube and hopefully you’ll find the movie of the mob! Let me know if you do/don’t.

4 thoughts on “Companion to Day Four: Videos

  1. Not yet. Working on it.

    I just changed the title to “Pirate Flashmob Canberra” so it might take another bunch of hours to re-appear.

  2. do you know how to upload/link the videos in wordpress? It’s as easy as adding a photo in wordpress…just click on the video button instead of the image button, copy/paste the simple youtube URL (NOT the embed junk) in the corresponding blank line and click> Insert. Hope that helps :]

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