Pirates Required

Amazingly*, the flashmob is on tomorrow!

(*Not that amazing if you subscribe to the time-space continuum.)

Who wants to help hand out free lollies (you’ll need to be someone I know and trust) and/or short-short stories?

Please bring digital cameras for still photos to send to various media.

I’d like someone to come with a video camera – all flashmobs should be recorded, since they’re basically performance art (although you’ll need to check with parents if you’re filming kids).

How to spot me on the day (eg to check who are the okay people to take lollies from): 175cm in heels, black corset, green lacey wrap, full-length red skirt. Probably shivering (also probably wearing a loose white undershirt). I will be there from about 1:00pm.

I’ll be handing out eyepatches etc to anyone who asks.

See ye on the morrow!

The details:

Lyneham shops (Canberra) outside Tillies and the bookshop.

Be piratical from: 2:00-2:30pm (ideally showing up disguised as a normal person beforehand for maximum effect).

Enjoy lollies, short-short stories, conversation (piratical or otherwise), the bookshop, and the two neighbouring cafes as long as you like!

One example of how it's done

One example of how it's done

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